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Airsoft Prices — Costs to play Airsoft

There’s a lot to consider when calculating the cost of Airsoft.

The question of how much you will need to spend is dependent upon how often you participate, what gear you believe you need and in case you’ve got a desire to optimise your firearms to boost performance.

Getting kitted up

A fantastic pistol can cost anywhere from #50-#250 so it’s your responsibility to determine whether the features boasted by every pistol you consider is well worth the money for what you need from the game.

The pistol is the standard weapon for shooting at a target but there are several weapons from rifles to submachine guns which can be used to provide you more firepower or assist you in a particular tactical function.

This is the point where the cost can take up to over #500. From there, firearms can be customised and accessorised farther to boost performance increasing the price further.

It’s important to remember that there isn’t any need for you to purchase a number of weapons or to customise them so as to share although those who do may obtain an advantage.

There’s absolutely no established apparel for Airsoft but camouflage and weather-resistant gear can be purchased from Airsoft shops that will assist you blend into and handle the terrain.

You’re free to wear your own clothing and boots but it is advised that these should be weather resistant.

The 1 thing that’s crucial for your apparel is face protection. Tightly secured goggles or eyeglasses are essential to shield your eyes from flying BB pellets.

Should you purchase your own equipment, there’ll be a further cost of purchasing gun bags or rucksacks to store and transport your gear to and from the skirmish website.

As an alternative, you can rent replica firearms, equipment and apparel in the runners of this skirmish website so that you don’t need to worry about owning, maintaining and transporting the equipment.

Guns can typically be rented for between #20-#30 while equipment such as eye protection will most likely cost another #20.

This could be the best alternative if you simply intend to partake in Airsoft every once in a while but if you would like to be a routine, having your own equipment that you can customise may be the best way ahead.


3000 0.2gram BBs should be enough to see you through a day of Airsoft for one gun, costing you somewhere in the area of #6-#12. This sort of BB is the norm for most pistols and rifles.

However, weapons like sniper rifles need heavyweight BBs so as to coincide with the sniper’s range and precision which will cost #10+.

You’ll need to consider the amount of weapons you bring along with the kind and amount of BBs required for each to ascertain the overall price.

Entry to day game

The fantastic news is that registration with the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA) is free; you must play three matches on a UKARA registered game website over a two month period to finish the registration.

Entry into a skirmish site generally ranges between #20-#30 that’s a fair cost whether you would like to go every now and again or every available weekend.

All in all, the price of Airsoft fluctuates widely on how many times you participate and how much you spend in your guns and gear.

The basics necessary for a day game work out favourably, especially if you’re only leasing equipment so you can enjoy the sport as it is but you may end up going farther down the rabbit hole when you get a flavor of it.

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