Fear Trashes the Set

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The band appeared because of the musical guest during an October 1981 episode and featured slam dancers in their performance. The second song of the night carried into multiple offensive tracks, forcing the show to chop to commercial as Fear continued to play. The dancers damaged property in what some compared to a riot. The group was ultimately banned from ever being on the show again.

The Replacements Get Drunk

The band stimulated trouble in January 1986 once they performed drunk during their stint as musical guest. They also wore each other’s clothes during one of their songs, and guitarist Paul Westerberg accidentally said “f—k” on the air. “Rock-and-roll doesn’t always bring great television,” he explained in Trouble Boys: truth Story of the Replacements. “But we were trying to try to do whatever possible to form sure that was a memorable evening.” Here You can Read Celebrity News On Thenewsfeeder.net.

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