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Oxygen Not Included Steam Gift GLOBAL 25% Off Oxygen Not Included is Klei Entertainment’s survival and simulation Computer version. Three colonists are in a breathable atmosphere on a distant asteroid with no recollection of their presence. Your job is to maintain them and to ensure their sustainability and the creation of a permanent colony of space. Touching


Monitor the colony in different ways to keep it alive, including food, waste and oxygen. The game world is 100% randomly generated. Although a breathable atmosphere would be the initial locations, many other regions around the planet are either devoid of oxygen or deficient in oxygen. Before they go to these areas plan the colonisers properly. The game simulates gas and air pressure diffusion.

Build a dream colony! In various cases, direct the colonisers. The settlers can not be monitored personally, but they are given preferences according to their skills. Some colonists should get money and other people should grow food, produce machinery, study into emerging technology and ensure that their own health is preserved by good diet, comfy climate and hygiene. To see how successful they are in carrying out their duties, monitor the status of each coloniser. Prioritize activities that require specialised expertise. Over time and with experience, the skill of colonisers can be strengthened.

Survival and simulation game! 

Not all oxygen is to power a colony in space. Your purpose is to create an asteroid base (procedurally generated) on the surface while gathering resources and surviving problems. The game is very complicated about its familiar cartoon look. One of the fundamental mechanisms is oxygen philtres, and pipes have to be positioned around the foundation. But it’s not the only thing: you will need to track the character ‘s temperature or tension at the foundation.

Gameplay and storyline

Oxygen Not Included is a computer game that combines real-time with turn-based, survival-based strategy. Check three characters brought into an asteroid to allow them to survive extreme conditions. Note that you just have a limited room around you, so your three characters will have to search for energy, turn it all into food and water, locate oxygen.

Any factor surrounding your protagonists has an important role to play. To learn about different relationships, regulate a vast range of parameters including temperature or material properties.you can easily buy in oceantogames

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