Stiga Supreme Review: Best Defensive Paddle 2020

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The STIGA Supreme is a lightweight paddle specially made for those who are looking to play ping pong more seriously rather than a recreational activity. It’s ideal for a defensive player as it’s a soft sponge and”Prospective” rubber which provides it great hands.  

The Supreme is ITTF approved and consequently may be used for championship Play.



Stiga Supreme review

STIGA ACS for Speed and Control Balance and Total texture The STIGA Supreme includes STIGA’s”Future” rubber that’s glued into the super lightweight 6-ply blade at an inverted manner – meaning that the pimpled side of this rubber is glued into the remaining portion of the paddle along with the side is exactly what connections the ball.  This rubber is really a step down in the Premium grade rubber of much more expensive STIGA rackets.

The Supreme is very lightweight.  It weighs it in just 4.6 oz and this is extremely evident for gamers who are utilized to thicker paddles. The burden, sponge, and rubber mix let this paddle to truly be excellent for chopping, backspin, and support reunite in addition to having outstanding control.  This makes it a very good paddle for your defensive-minded player.

The STIGA Tube is a technology in which the center veneer is constructed with”micro-channels” lengthways from the center ply of these blades.  The stations are then full of various materials based on the blade desirable characteristics.  Crystal technology raises your pace.  Normal blade remedies utilize routine lacquer, but Crystal Technology uses a transparent hydrophilic gel lacquer which STIGA especially developed.


The STIGA Supreme Supreme is a fantastic step up for gamers who want an inexpensive paddle that can complement their defensive-minded play with.  It gives great management but lacks in speed and power.  It’s also too mild to be a fantastic offensive paddle. Experts Ideal for pushing and support reunite Cheap Disadvantages Bad at creating speed and power Not Perfect for loops/ top-spin strokes off in the dining table 

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