What Is the Difference Between Gold and Solid Gold?

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As you likely know, pure gold vs. solid gold. As most people know, solid gold is a natural metal. It literally comes from the earth itself as pure, 24 carat gold (which, again, is also called “Au”).

pure gold


However, no one really wants pure metal in their jewelry. After all, gold has so many desirable qualities that it makes jewelry look like a piece of art and more expensive than the real thing. The more pure metal, the more difficult it is to work with it. But the pure metal itself doesn’t have to be so precious.


Pure gold jewelry can come in just about any color imaginable. It is also extremely durable. This means that you will be able to buy gold necklaces, bracelets and rings for years to come without any kind of degradation in the color or shine of your precious investment. Unlike solid gold, which tends to become plumper as it ages, pure gold does not change its shape, size or color. It stays exactly the same as it was when it was first discovered.


Of course, you won’t be able to wear pure metal if it is too shiny and bright. To keep it clean, you should clean it often with a special cleaning solution made especially for jewelry.


If you want a gold necklace, bracelet or ring that will last a lifetime, go with something that is made entirely of pure gold. A sterling silver pendant, gold chain or ring may be good enough if you are looking to have something as simple and inexpensive as jewelry for everyday wear.


But for those of you who want something more expensive, try buying pure metal with no other metal in it at all. It will be the best jewelry you have ever had, if not the most expensive.


What is so great about pure metal? First of all, it is very durable. Since the pure metal itself is so tough and durable, it is likely to be durable over time. You won’t have to worry about it cracking or breaking like other metals will.


Plus, pure metal is incredibly easy to manipulate. When you want to buy a specific colored pure gold jewelry item, it is usually the type of product you can easily shop for. since you can go to the store and pick up the item as needed.


Also, because pure metal is so easy to work with, there are very few ways to tell that it is not pure metal. Other than a scratch, you can never really tell that it isn’t pure gold. The color of the metal will never fade, even if it is exposed to air for a long period of time. So, if you want to wear pure gold without worrying that it is going to get scratched and chipped, go with solid gold.

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